Other Work

The following are a collection of unclassified works of video, audio and visual nature:

File Sounds: Sample Pack

Files Sounds explores data sonification with a 128 sample drum rack. All sounds were created by converting everyday desktop files into audio data.

 Free download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByCa2K1_fSWNWE45cDkzdldvOW8

nomad: a Generative Environmental Synthesizer

My team and I have been selected as one of fifteen challengers in the international element14 "Music Tech Design Contest"! Follow our project here:


I was interviewed on the, "Art+Music+Technology" podcast hosted by Cycling 74's CLO Darwin Grosse.

Other guests have included: Brian Crabtree of monome, Miller Puckette, Keith McMillen and many more. 

Subscribe on your podcast app or check out the official website here: http://artmusictech.libsyn.com/

Alec Brady - Electronics           Heidi Chan - Flutes
Andy Dolgin - Low Brass                         

14th 416 Toronto Creative Improvisers Festival. - 2014 - filmed by Shawn Burgess
Alec Brady - Visuals/Synthesizer           Noah Sherman - Drums
Pavan Brar - Guitar                              Ben Sirois - Violin

Improv 6.

Sounds of 78-2B-CB-88-8F-81 (File Data as Music I) - 2014

Cigarettes - 2013

Sounds of 78-2B-CB-88-8F-81 (File Data as Music II) - 2014

Algorithmic Composition in Ableton Live - 2014

Rase Kenzo - A.Brady P.Brar - 2014

deForestation -2014