A place for miscellaneous things. Awful Summer Game Jam - 2018 - The Life Collection Initiative
"Life Collection Initiative" is a sequel to Bioware's acclaimed "Mass Effect 3". Fuse organic and inorganic matter as the story picks up directly after ME3's canon ending. Created by Veste with music and sound by Alec Brady and Zach Howard

Unreal Engine 4 - Realtime Synthesis 4.17 Test #1

First test using UE4's new synthesizer plugin. Not the 'traditional' drum machine! Modular patch is defined on each 'PlayPad' impact with note playback based on ball collisions. In future tests I'll look at 3D playback, improving timing precision and more timbral variation.

File Sounds: Sample Pack

Files Sounds explores data sonification with a 128 sample drum rack. All sounds were created by converting everyday desktop files into audio data.

 Free download:

nomad: a Generative Environmental Synthesizer

My team and I have been selected as one of fifteen challengers in the international element14 "Music Tech Design Contest"! Follow our project here:

I was interviewed on the, "Art+Music+Technology" podcast hosted by Cycling 74's CLO Darwin Grosse.

Other guests have included: Brian Crabtree of monome, Miller Puckette, Keith McMillen and many more. 

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Alec Brady - Electronics           Heidi Chan - Flutes
Andy Dolgin - Low Brass                         

14th 416 Toronto Creative Improvisers Festival. - 2014 - filmed by Shawn Burgess
Alec Brady - Visuals/Synthesizer           Noah Sherman - Drums
Pavan Brar - Guitar                              Ben Sirois - Violin

Improv 6.

Sounds of 78-2B-CB-88-8F-81 (File Data as Music I) - 2014

Cigarettes - 2013

Sounds of 78-2B-CB-88-8F-81 (File Data as Music II) - 2014

Algorithmic Composition in Ableton Live - 2014

Rase Kenzo - A.Brady P.Brar - 2014

deForestation -2014