Saved By Technology exterior, 145 St. Luke Lane, Toronto ON.

Saved By Technology is a renown Canadian retailer of computer-based music, audio and video production equipment since 1985.

The following devices were designed as free downloads for their website and social platforms. Also included are various product reviews written and produced for Saved By Technology.

                                                                Saved By Technology first floor interior.

FreqMod Sampler

Enables FM modulation and synthesis inside of Ableton's Sampler

FreqMod Walkthrough

Download Link:

Random Scaler

Flexible generative style MIDI effects within Ableton Live.

Random Scaler Walkthrough

Moog Sub 37 Review

A review of Moog Music's Sub 37 Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer.

Moog Sub 37 Synthesizer - Demonstration and Review