A/B Sound is founded on my passion for computer music and music technology. 

I am an accomplished musician and programmer, exploring sound through my own compositions, audio devices and designs. Frequently collaborating on a variety of projects, I seek to aid others in achieving their project's audio visions. I strive to produce inventive and expert work, bringing energy and imagination to every project.

I have worked with a diverse range of clients and projects, notably with Rush on their R40 tour, performer Seal and with SETI's artist in residence Charles Lindsay.

Currently I am the Technical Audio Artist at Capcom Vancouver Game Studio.


  • Custom audio/MIDI device design (Max/MSP, Pure Data, Max for Live, etc.)
  • Sound Design/Scoring
  • Audio Implementation (FMOD Studio, Wwise)
  • Audio application programming
  • Ableton Live consultation/support

Please forward any inquiries via the "Contact" page.

Thank you,

Alec Brady