A/B Audio is Alec Brady

I am an accomplished game audio professional with a focus on audio implementation and technical audio. I strive to aid others in getting the best sound for their projects and achieve whatever audio features they can think up. My biggest joy is helping talented creators get the most out of their tools to let them get to what they do best: create. I also make content as a sound designer with a specialty in synthesis, generative sound and electro-acoustics. I strive to produce inventive and expert work, bringing energy and imagination to anything I work on. 

I have worked alongside studios such as: Capcom, Microsoft, Archiact, Maze Theory and more.

In the past I have worked with a diverse range of clients, notably with Rush on their R40 tour, performer Seal and with SETI's artist in residence Charles Lindsay.



Game Audio Implementation and tech (FMOD, Wwise, UE4, Unity, AR/VR)

Sound Design and composition for games and linear media

Custom audio/MIDI device design (Max/MSP, PD, M4L, etc.)

Please forward any inquiries via the Contact page.